Be Back on July 25

For the next four weeks, this blog will rest and so will this writer. 24.jpg

I am taking two weeks vacation and two weeks study leave. During this time, I’m going to be away from the blog, as well as Twitter and Facebook. The next post on this blog will be July 25.

I am thankful to all of you who read these posts. Some of you have been reading this blog since it began seven years ago. I don’t take this for granted.

The intention here is always to be encouraging. Sometimes the topic is directed to particular concerns or to people in stages of life. At least once a week, the posts are written with ministers and other church leaders in mind.

There are many, many blogs available.

I am thankful that you come here.

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  • Ann Voskamp

    Thank you, Jim — for your example and wisdom and ministry.
    God continue to bless you, friend…

    All’s grace,

    • Jim Martin

      Ann, thank you for your thoughtful, encouraging words.

  • Rob Grayson

    Thank you, Jim. Be blessed and refreshed.

    • Jim Martin

      Rob, thanks very much for these words.

  • Karin

    Have a blessed, refreshing, and relaxing time away! All God’s Best!

    • Jim Martin

      Karin, thanks very much. Looking forward to this time.

  • Tim Spivey

    Traveling mercies, Jim. I hope it’s a time of great Sabbath and filling for you. Come back to us, refreshed, and blog-happy !

    • Jim Martin

      Thank you my friend, Tim. I appreciate these kind words and good wishes. Thanks.