Come Home

The following prayer is from the late Ray Hardin’s new book Here’s My Heart.

I hear your voice in the breeze, Lord. Whispering

Come Home. Come Home. That plea takes me by

surprise. Unnerves me. Makes me wonder how I

got this far away. How I got in this shape. How

things went so wrong. But here I am. Out of

bright ideas. Out of luck. Out of strength. Wondering

if I come home, will I find mercy? Will you

even recognize me? Will you like me any more?

Come Home. Please come home. I feel the pull

of your longing. You are loved. Always. I’ll pay

the price. I’ll bear the shame. You will be

received as my precious child. Your offer of grace

amazes me. I’ve been looking for you. Waiting.

Hoping. My heart hurt every hour you were

away. Come home. Come home. Let me sing

over you. And I see you running to meet me.

Running to meet me? Me? And when I

see you–holy, good, true, forgiving–

only then do I know how ragged I must

look. How beat up I am. How weak. How

hungry. Then, only then, Lord, does my arrogance

melt. And I see how outrageous my plan has been

to save myself. To work my way into your

favor. I feel the power of your Come home.

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