4 Critical Areas that Need Your Investment

attentionOne of the greatest resources that you and I have at our disposal is our attention.  There are many demands for our attention.  Yet, every day far too many of us squander this valuable resource due to our own distraction.

We have difficulty giving our full attention to what really matters and being fully present in the moment.  Many of us skim along the surface of most any experience, like a bass boat speeding down a river.  We are in perpetual motion but our lives never get beyond the surface of the moment.

Consider what clamors for our attention:

  • A text appears on your phone.
  • You have a new e-mail message.
  • The phone rings.
  • Someone wants to Skype.
  • You are invited to be a member of a committee.
  • Your child is invited to be on a team.
  • You see a new Tweet from someone who interests you.
  • Your friend updates her Facebook status and you want to respond.
  • You watch television and are bombarded with advertisements.

Each day, somebody somewhere wants your attention.  If you are not intentional about where you direct your attention, others will likely get your attention simply because you are living passively instead of proactively.

The following are some critical areas that need our attention:

1.  Give attention to the creator God.  Be attentive to Scripture and what God reveals about his character and his expectations.  Be attentive to the story of God becoming king in Jesus.

2.  Give attention to those who matter most to you.  Are you married?  Do you have children?  Who are your closest friends?  Is there someone God has put into your life to encourage?  Consider who needs your full presence and undivided attention.  Are you investing in these people?  Or, are you passively waiting for them to take initiative toward you?

3.  Give attention to your own development.  Are you growing and developing personally, spiritually, emotionally, professionally?  What does it say about you to only be growing professionally while being stuck emotionally?  Are you growing and maturing in Christ?  Or, do you remain stuck in immaturity and old habits?

4.  Give attention to the maintenance of your life.  I watch Hotel Impossible.  Anthony Melchiorri goes into hotels that are in trouble and helps them get on their feet.    So often, the hotels are no longer being maintained.  Maintenance is very important.  It is certainly important in our lives.  Am I practicing good self-care?  Am I feeding my soul so that I am nourished and strengthened on a regular basis?  Am I taking care of my body?  Do I monitor my emotions?  Am I a good steward of the resources God has given me?

It is critical that we give attention to what really matters.  What needs your attention?

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