Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

start (1)Beautiful campuses.

The most beautiful universities in the world.

A few years ago, my youngest daughter went with me to Pepperdine University.  This was my daughter’s first time on this beautiful campus.   At the time, she was a student at Oklahoma Christian University and was about to graduate.  One day, we spoke with Randy Harris (ACU) who was also on campus that week. Randy asked her what she thought of the campus.  He smiled and said, “They didn’t tell you about this place, did they?”

Stop waiting.

One of my favorite articles by Jeff Goins is Stop Waiting to be Picked. A great reminder that life is not about standing around waiting to be chosen.

Who helps make you a better person?

I wrote this post last week regarding five different kinds of people whom I need around me.  Read and then decide for yourself what kind of people you need around you.

Mothers, fathers and navigating these waters.

Recently, I have read several interesting articles about mothers and fathers.

Fathers and their daughters  (from Daily Life)

Why Fathers Really Matter  (from the NY Times)

Disappearing Mothers  (from the Financial Times)

Are you writing?

This was a very good post regarding the value of a first draft.  See How to Get More Out of Your Rough Drafts.


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