Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

start (1)An important post for ministers in particular.

See, on Thom Rainer’s blog, this fine post by Mike Glenn: “The Strange Case of the Imploding Ministers.”

In your twenties?

Mike Glenn has written a very good post entitled “Your Twenties Matter.”

Simple, but a powerful practice.

See Seth Godin’s “The simple power of one a day.”  I like this post.  Even though he is referring to marketing practices, the principle is applicable on a number of fronts.  There is great power in intentionally doing something of value each day, even though it may seem very small.  This week I will be putting together a list for my own practice.

A must-read for pastors, ministers, and any other church leaders.

See this post by Mark Stevens at Jesus Creed (Scot McKnight): Pastor: The Happy Job?  Note in particular the author’s list of what is draining and what gives life.  Reading this post gave me the opportunity to reflect on what I might place on my own lists.

A story begins with conflict.

See this very good post by Jeff Goins: “When a Story Really Begins.”

Amazing hands!

These pictures really are amazing: “Amazing Hand Paintings.”


From Manila: “The library with no rules.”

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