Monday Start (Resources for the Week)


See “Freelance Writers Can Stay Productive Despite Feeling Antsy and Distracted.”  Also be sure to check out “Writers’ Favorite Punctuation Marks.”

In case you missed these

Be sure to read the post: “5 Suggestions for Making Better Decisions.”  Also, you might enjoy the post: “5 People I Need Around Me.

Reflections on ministry

This is a part of a very good series by John Frye.  See “From the Shepherd’s Nook.”  Hear John’s reflections on Eugene Peterson’s book The Contemplative Pastor.

Not sure why I like these kinds of posts

For some reason, I like to read posts like this one occasionally.  See “Five Best Budget Pens.”


See this fine piece by Harold Shank (President of Ohio Valley University) entitled “Primer on Inductive Preaching.”  Not only can Harold write about preaching but he can preach also.  Don’t miss his post “Three Pillars of Christian Education.

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  • Jesse

    I don’t comment very often, but I want you to know I appreciate your posts. I just started doing ministry here in Salt Lake, and I can honestly say these have been helpful.

    • Jim Martin

      Jesse, thanks so much for letting me know this! I wish you the best in your new ministry. Please let me know more about your new ministry sometime.