5 Marks of Immature Behavior

13888675-caucasian-man-unshaven-portrait-sulk-bored-isolated-studio-on-black-backgroundI handled the situation poorly.

In a word, I acted immaturely.  My wife had made a request.  Perhaps my response was due to my own self-centeredness or maybe I just reacted without thinking.  Regardless, my response was immature.

Far too often, marriages become stuck in immature behavior, with the relationship regressing instead of growing.  Sometimes families struggle as extended family members behave immaturely instead of maturely.  Church leaders sometimes sabotage their own influence due to consistent immature behavior.

Immature behavior from others can be very frustrating.  After all, immaturity is a natural characteristic of a child.  A 40-year-old should not be known for his or her immaturity.

1.  Immature people accept no personal responsibility for their behavior.  They will always have a justification for the way they act.

2.  Immature people manipulate others into giving them what they want.  They will say and do anything to curry favor with others.

3.  Immature people will not talk with people directly.  They play passive-aggressive games.  They will smile at you in the hallway and sabotage you five minutes later.

4.  Immature people demand that the group they are in yield to them.  They, after all, are used to others yielding to the least mature in the group.

5.  Immature people do not keep their commitments.  They follow their urges rather than their principles.

Unfortunately, immature men and women impact other people.  They tend to be indecisive, anxiously looking for the path of least resistance.  They value peace over progress.  Immature people are difficult to experience relationship with.  They are often the loudest and the most talkative.  They will not hesitate to throw another under the bus if it seems to be in their best interest.

As a man or woman, it is very important that I mature.  To be stuck in a perpetual state of immaturity really does impact a family in a negative way.

We will explore some of the marks of maturity on another day.



Do you pursue maturity or settle for immaturity?  What price do I (or others) pay when settling for immaturity?


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