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Elders, pastors, preachers, church leaders, ministers, and deacons ought to consider some of the following realities of shepherding. Yes, I realize that elders in particular ought to pay attention; however, anyone who works with people in the context of a congregation might consider the following:

5 Realities of Shepherding

1. Shepherds should expect people to change. After all, the life-giving Spirit and his transforming power are really present in the congregation.

2. Shepherds move people toward Jesus when they practice being authentic believers. God’s grace frees shepherds to be fully present with the people of the congregation.

3. Shepherds need to remember that the goal of ministry is discipleship, not pacifying the least mature.

4. Shepherds who will compromise their integrity in order to keep people happy will find that in the eyes of the immature no compromise is ever enough.

5. Shepherds are called to help a congregation move toward maturity in

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Christ. The single most powerful witness that shepherds possess is the transformation of their own lives.