Free Copy of Tim Keller’s New Book to Be Given Away

KellerLike many, I have been blessed by Tim Keller’s books.  Keller’s newest book, Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work (written with Katherine Leary Alsdorf) will no doubt be an interesting and helpful.

This Friday, one copy of this book will be given away in a drawing to readers of this blog.  Don’t miss this opportunity to win a copy of this new book.  You can enter this drawing by simply leaving a comment below.

In EVERY GOOD ENDEAVOR, both Christian and non-Christian readers will find insight for such important questions as:

  • How do I choose a profession that fits my skills and has meaning?
  • Can I stay true to my values and still advance in my field?
  • How do I connect what I learn on Sunday morning with what I do the rest of the week?
  • How do I make the difficult choices that must be made in the course of a successful career?

Keller writes, “work—and lots of it—is an indispensable component in a meaningful human life. It is a supreme gift from God and one of the main things that gives our lives purpose.”

Again, to be eligible for this drawing on Friday, please leave a brief comment below.


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  • Kevin Fiske

    I’ve appreciated Keller’s books immensely as well. Thanks so much for your generosity in the giveaway!

  • Brian B.

    Pick me, Pick me!!!

    Great blog here. Thanks for doing it.

  • Josh Ketchum

    I appreciate this blog and thanks for giving this book away.


  • Dave

    Just perused it this afternoon and it looks like a fine piece of work.

  • Brock

    Still waiting to read my first Keller book – will this be the one?!?

  • Ofelia Gonzales

    This title sounds like such a great topic for each of us to join God in His mission – looking forward to reading.

  • JTR

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, now. I enjoy learning from you and your balanced approach to leadership. Thank you.

  • Scott Elliott

    I always find Tim Keller’s books helpful. Thanks for letting me know about this one.

  • Aaron

    Sounds like a good read – I’ve been hearing a lot about Keller lately and would love to read one of his books!

  • Emily

    Just recently discovered Timothy Keller. I’m really enjoying him so far. :)

  • Michelle Hockman

    Timothy Keller is one of my favorites!

  • Alan

    Keller is one my favorite authors.

  • John Dobbs

    OK, I’ve never read a Timothy Keller book! I’m feeling left out!

  • Doug Peters

    Looks like a great read! I hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving!

  • Jordan Andlovec

    I have been greatly blessed and discipled by Dr. Keller, and I would love a copy of his new book.

  • Ed Choy

    Thank you for your generosity! I can’t wait to read this book! Would love to receive it as a gift.

  • Bradley Geno

    Keller is a great author and pastor. He has a heart for ministry and helping those in ministry.

  • Andrew Collins

    Really enjoy Keller’s work. This looks like another great title. Hope I win!

  • Travis K

    I’m excited about this book. In my new ministry role I’ve been asked more questions about this topic (“where do I fit in”) than any other. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • Jim Davis

    Looking forward to reading this book.

  • Bin Xia

    Even in China, there’re many Christians reading and loving Tim Keller now, especially after his three books were translated into Chinese.

  • Jeff Y

    This looks to be another solid book by Keller.

  • Krista K

    As someone exiting the academic world into the workforce, I am supremely excited to read this book! Love all his books! :)

  • Wesley Cheung

    I really look forward to this book! I am in my last year in college right now, and this book is going to be really relevant for me as I enter into the working world! Praise God that He sends places a book like this among His church around this time.

  • Iwan Njoto Sandjaja

    I always love your book, Dr. Keller.