Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

start 1 Encouraging

This is great!  “The 14 Most Inspirational Kids of 2012.”


My friend Eddie Sharp wrote a great post on funerals for Jonathan Storment’s blog recently (a very good blog).  “Last Words

The danger of ministry

Ed Stetzer interviews Paul Tripp regarding his new book A Dangerous Calling.  A very important and needed subject is being addressed here.


I like to read about the daily routines of other people.  In Brain Pickings see “The Daily Routines of Famous Writers.”

Brady Quinn

My son-in-law, Phillip, shared this excellent article with me regarding the recent murder/suicide involving a Kansas City Chiefs player.  Quarterback Brady Quinn reflects on this situation.  Very good!  (See this article and video also.)

Book list

You might check out Bobby Valentine’s Christmas book list.  Reading such a list always gives me at least one idea.

A sad situation.

You may have seen this but thought I would post a link in case you didn’t.  A retired Royal Navy officer writes a letter to his children.  “I am bitterly, bitterly disappointed.”  (Follow up letter by his daughter.)

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