Monday Start: Resources for the Week

Tribute to A Mother

Stephen Colbert gave a touching tribute to his mother after her recent death.  You can read the transcript here.  You can watch the video here:


Peter Scazzero has written two helpful posts: “Leaders that Sabotage Themselves” (Part 1 and Part 2).


See  this interesting discussion from Brain Pickings on Helen Keller’s book Optimism.


See “Presentation Secrets from a Master Teacher” by Zach Gemignani.

Public Speaking

You might want to read this post by John Stackhouse who teaches at Regent College in Vancouver.  He is an excellent teacher, writer, and public speaker and is teaching a class this summer on public speaking.  In this post, he invites readers to comment, giving their favorite public speaking resources.  (Some good resources are in these comments.)

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