Monday Start: Resources for the Week

start (1)Work

See Jeri Dansky’s “Book Review: The Organized Mind.”  You can find the book here. I am always looking for articles/posts/books that help me reflect on how I work.  See also Greg Mckeown’s fine book Essentialism.  I read this book in August and found it to be incredibly helpful.


Don’t miss Kenny Luck’s article in Charisma Magazine “The Deadly Deception of Sexual Atheism in the Church.”


See Maria Popva’s piece “What Books Do for the Human Soul: The Four Psychological Functions of Great Literature.”  Many, many people will say they don’t like to read.  However, for many people, reading good books can be a real catalyst to person growth and change.


I saw this news about one of my favorite writers, Flannery O’Conner.  “Emory Receives Archive of Work by O’Conner.”  See also this piece from Emory University.

Audio Books

Have you considered listening to audio books?  I typically purchase these from (an Amazon company).  Before this year, I did not listen to audio books. However, when I moved from Waco, Tx. to Memphis, Tn. to begin working with Harding School of Theology, I knew I needed to try something different if I was going to keep up with my reading.  I will often listen to a book on the way to or from work. Often, I will listen to a book while working out at the gym.  I still read books (both paper and Kindle).  However, this gives me one more option.  You might consider this.




Monday Start: Resources for the Week

Start1Inspiring Story

See “Homecoming Queen Shares Her Crown With Her Friend Who Was Victim of Bullying.”  This is really inspiring.

Great Quote

“Never forget: This very moment, we can change our lives. There never was a moment, and never will be, when we are without the power to alter our destiny.”  (Steven Pressfield)


See “10 Daily Habits that Will Actually Make You Smarter.”  I like to read lists like this one occasionally.  This is a reminder to think about my daily habits.

A Great Series

This is a series that I don’t miss!  “How I Work.”  See the most recent post “I’m Steven van Wel, CEO of Karma, and This Is How I Work.”  I generally discover a new tool in this series.

Questions for Leaders

See Michael Hyatt’s post “20 Questions to Ask Other Leaders.”  Whether you choose to ask these particular questions or not, I found it particularly helpful to see a least of questions that one leader chose to ask another.

Tim Keller

See Tim Keller’s report “Differently the Same: Redeemer’s Next Twenty-Five Years.”  Tim Keller is a thoughtful Christian leader who makes me think.




Monday Start: Resources for the Week


See Shane Parish’s review “The Power of Noticing: What the Best Leaders See.”  Find the review here.


Lately I have been listening to an excellent book “Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.”  It is excellent!  You can find a summary (pdf) here.

Don’t Miss This

Golf pro Rory McIlroy  hits a shot which then land’s in a fan’s pocket!


See “5 Mistakes to Avoid When Introducing a Speaker.”  Those of us in churches, on Christian College campuses who regularly introduce speakers could learn something from this.  Far too often at lectureships, seminars, etc. we make the setting unnecessarily difficult for a speaker because of the introduction.

Monday Start: Resources for the Week

start (1)The following are resources which I have read in the past week and found interesting.


Don’t miss this!  Kristi Hedges “Why Leaders are Poor Communicators.”  This is so true. Sometimes the worst communicators are leaders.


In the New York Times Pranay Sinha has written an opinion piece entitled “Why Do Doctors Commit Suicide?”


See Tierney Sneed’s article in US News and World Report “The ‘Leave it to Beaver’ Family Has Been Left Behind.”


See Lolly Daskal’s article “Accomplish Great Things at Any Age.”


Jane Scearce has posted these great tools!  “21 Simple Online Tools for Everyday Needs.”




Monday Start: Resources for the Week

start (1)Church

See Terry Rush’s post “Why Christians Struggle With the Church.”

Relationships and church

See Allan Stanglin’s excellent piece “Surprise” regarding Euodia and Syntyche.   How early believers dealt with their differences.


Don’t miss this powerful post by Michele Cushatt “When It’s Time to Say Goodbye.”


Don’t miss this excellent podcast by Michael Hyatt and Michele Cushatt.  See “Why Doing Less Is the Best Way to Do More.”

Also, be sure to consider Greg McKeown’s new book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. This is such a good book!  I found it very helpful in reflecting on my use of time.

Monday Start: Resources for the Week

start (1)The following is the weekly “Monday Start.” (Ok, I know it is Tuesday but here it is anyway.)

For Students

Scott Rae (Biola University) encourages students (seminary students in particular) to see their study as a part of their calling and discipleship.  See this excellent two and a half minute video.


From Inc magazine “9 Ways to Become More Creative in the Next Ten Minutes.” Some helpful suggestions.

A new word

Harold Shank has written a nice post which many will relate to.  See the “counterparts.”


Wow.  This is a memorable video from Victoria Labalme on the “Power of Brevity.”  She makes her point.


I am reading David Benner’s Desiring God’s Will.  The Preface and the first chapter have me hooked.  Also, I recently read Paul David Tripp’s Dangerous Calling.  A great book that deals with real-world ministry issues.





Monday Start: Resources for the Week


See Paul Sohn’s list!  “Counting My Blessings: 100 things I’m Thankful For.”  Caused me to reflect on what I am grateful for.


See Coy Delistraty’s “The Importance of Eating Together.”  Some important words for so families regarding the importance of eating together.


See Stuart Scott’s ESPYS speech “Never Give Up.”  I love this annual award.


Don’t miss this list.  “The Top Ten Sports Websites for June 2014.”  Football season will soon be here.  Time to bookmark a few of these.

Very good!

Don’t miss Michele Cushatt’s fine post “The Secret to Becoming a Standout.”  An excellent reminder that we need to be ourselves.










Monday Start: Resources for the Week

July4Hopefully you had a great Fourth of July!  We spent the weekend with our daughter Jamie and son-in-law Cal.  We went to see Charlotte’s mom, her sister Carole, and brother-in-law Keith.  It was a great weekend.

Now for the resources.  Hopefully at least of one of these will be interesting and even helpful to you.


This post contains reflections on Robert L. Johnston Jr. who was my Greek teacher at Abilene Christian University.  One semester, I took a Greek readings class with him and learned much about Greek, the text, and what it means to be a Christian gentleman.  I was the only one in this class.  Each day he served hot tea prior to reading the text.

The difference

Seth Godin says much in so few words.  See “The difference between impossible and nearly impossible.”


See Roger Olson’s fine post “How American Evangelicalism Has Changed . . .”  This made me pause and think.


My Zombie, Myself, Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead.”  From The New York Times.







Monday Start: Resources for the Week


I heard Laura Nichol Speak last week in Pittsburg at the meeting of The Association of Theological Schools.  She is a business consultant from Houston.  Excellent presentations.  This reading list is from the Rios Advisors website.

Ebooks versus paper

See this article which appeared in the Financial Times “Ebooks vs paper” by Julian Baggini.


Really like what NBA commissioner Adam Silver did during the draft for Baylor’s Isaiah Austin. Just days earlier Austin received news from doctors that he had a disease which would prevent him from ever playing competitive basketball.  Here Silver announces that the NBA has “drafted” Austin.


From Duke’s Faith and Leadership, Laura Nichol has written a fine piece “Rethinking capital – its more than money.”

Adolescents/Young Adults

Jan Hoffman recently had an interesting piece in The New York Times entitled “Cool at 13, Adrift at 23.”

Monday Start: Resources for the Week

start (1)Burnout!

Thom Rainer has written an important post regarding ministry and burnout.  See “Autopsy of a Burned Out Pastor: 13 Lessons.”  I suspect that any minister who has ever experienced burnout will relate to at least a portion of this post.


You might read Skye Jethani’s thoughtful post “How Churches Became Cruise Ships.”


I just read an important post!  The post by Terry Rush was important because it is exactly what I needed to hear today.  How easy it is to forget Resurrection power!  See “The Kingdom Energizing Factor.”


Michele Cushatt has updated her list of memoirs.  See “In Search of a Good Memoir (UPDATED).” By the way, Michele is an excellent writer.  Her blog is very good!


Michael Hyatt has written an excellent post on the value of sleep and makes some great suggestions. I need all the help I can get with this subject!  See “6 Strategies to Sleep Soundly, Wake Rested, and Accomplish More.”