Monday Start

start 1Check out these top suggestions

Some of the best book suggestions that I come across are often in the end of the year lists. Jonathan Storment (Abilene, Texas) has published his Top Reads from 2012.  Good list.

You might be interested in this list of Top 10 Work Life Balance Books that Every Professional Should Read.

Also, don’t miss Frank Bellizzi’s My 12 Best Books of 2012.


A wonderful story

Don’t miss this very moving story about NFL All Pro Scott Wells who plays center for the St. Louis Rams.  Scott is the son of Wayne and Cindy Wells, who I have known for many years.  Wayne is a Church of Christ minister in Gainesboro, Tennessee.  The video is the moving story of Scott and his wife’s decision to adopt children from Uganda.


Top blog posts

John Mark Hicks, a theologian who teaches at Lipscomb University, has listed his top five blog posts of 2012.  John Mark’s writing is always very thoughtful and grounded in the Christian story.


New Year

Joe Lalonde wrote a nice piece on negativity.  I like to read these kinds of reflections at the first of each year.

Recently Michael Hyatt recommended a book entitled 20,000 Days and Counting by Robert D. Smith. I read it this weekend and now will skim through it again.  I find benefit in reading these kinds of books at the first of the year.  Helps me examine my thinking, life, work habits, etc.


Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

The following are some resources for the week that you might enjoy.  These are links to posts, articles, etc. that in some way caused me to think.  Maybe you will find some of these useful as well.


A Tiny Life Ends in South Sudan.  I read this piece in the New York Times recently.  Very sobering. This a stark reminder of the impact of disease and poverty on families in South Sudan (and so many other places).  Periodically, I have to read articles like this to bring perspective to my life and work.


Peter Scazzero has written a good post.  Summer Reading Picks 2012.  I appreciate lists like this.


What a great piece!  How to Miss the Point: A Guide to Dimwitted Discourse. (Originally seen on Scot McKnight’s blog.)


Have you ever worked with someone who constantly attempted to micromanage you?  You might find Michael Hyatt’s post “How to Manage a Micromanager” useful.


Paul Tripp has written a new book entitled Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry.  I have not read the book but did enjoy the brief video promo that you can find here.  This sounds very interesting.

Monday Start

You might be interested in one or more of the following links.  Most of these resources surfaced within the last four weeks.

If you feel overwhelmed

This is a great article, by Peter Bregman, that appeared in The Harvard Business Review: “Two Lists You Should Look at Every Morning.”

For an interesting read

You might consider looking at The Browser: Writing Worth Reading.  This is an interesting website that features “Today on FiveBooks Interviews” in which various people suggest the best reading on any subject.

On writing

You might enjoy these two interviews with Ian Morgan Cron on the life of a writer.  See part 1 here and part 2 here.  Be sure to see the notes on each page.  Cron is the author of Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me, which is an excellent book that explores in particular the relationship between a boy and his father.

Thinking about ministry

John Fry has written two good posts in which he offers some very insightful comments regarding pastoral ministry.  See “Are ‘Pastors’ The Problem?” and “Is ‘Pastor’ a Volatile Word?

Critical situations in the world

While I was away, I read Jeffrey Gettleman’s startling piece in The New York Times on the thousands of children who are fleeing Sudan.  Oh my goodness.

I also read this sobering piece about a 13-year-old Afghan girl who was forced to marry and then was tortured.  Fortunately, some sought justice.

Monday Start

The following are links to posts that I found particularly interesting this week. Maybe you will see something that interests you. startnow8nor.png

Everything New

Check out this video by Jeff Cook that Scot McKnight posted. It is very good. I look forward to reading the book. You might enjoy his website.

On writing

Have you been reading Jeff Goins’ series: 15 habits of Great Writers? It is very well done. I especially enjoyed one recent post in this series entitled: “Great Writers Share Other’s Work.”

Also be sure to see this letter to a writer who is losing confidence.

Particularly for men

Have you seen Patrick Morley’s new book Man Alive? You might enjoy the website as well.

On ministry and identity

Some ministers are perceived by others to be important. Meanwhile other ministers feel self-conscious and believe they have little, if anything, to offer. I reflect on this kind of self-perception in this post which begins with this sentence: “When I first began preaching and serving as a “full-time minister,” I soon realized that some preachers were considered to be important people.”

Regarding e-books

Be sure to see Wade Hodges’ post “Thirteen Lessons I’ve Learned From the Ebook Business.”

I’ll take one of these offices!

The Libraries, Studies and Writing Rooms of 15 Famous Men.”

Monday Start

Hopefully one or more of these links will be helpful to you. I am so grateful that you come here each Monday.start_button_gif (1).gif

Glad to see this changing.

I was glad to read this post! I’ve been concerned about this characterization for quite some time. “No more dumb old dad: changing the bumbling father stereotype.”

Fathers and sons: Do I ever relate!

Be sure to read this piece from Canda’s Globe and Mail. Do I ever relate! I once put a huge dent in the door of my father’s driver’s side car door (on a car that was practically new) as I put the car in neutral and tried to push it out of the garage. Unfortunately, as I was pushing it out of the garage, the door I had failed to close adequately got jammed against the door facing of the garage. Not good.

The future.

I found this post interesting: “6 Tech Concepts Changing the World.” I find it helpful to occasionally read such posts so I can keep up with changing technology.


Check out this post from my friend Allan Stanglin’s blog regarding a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal regarding “sheep stealing.” Very interesting.

Tony Evans and his dad.

What a great post! Tony Evans talks about the transformation of his dad.

Reflecting on Pastoral Ministry.

Ron Edmondson has written a good post: “7 Ways I Want to Improve as a Pastor.” A good post with insights worth thinking about.

Monday Start


Pete Scazzero (The Emotionally Healthy Church author) announces transition. Read about it here.


I love this powerful tweet by Mark Batterson (June 3, 2012) “if you are LOOKING FOR AN EXCUSE you will ALWAYS find one. quit making excuses and start making choices.”


Lee Camp interviews Walter Brueggemann as he reflects upon his life.


“Stop Looking for Excuses not to be Awesome” by Jeff Goins. A very good post!

Standing up!

Ernest Hemingway at his standing desk.


Evangelical leaders on Twitter (New York Times).

A must read

Five Secrets Pastors Refuse to Tell” by Thom Rainer.