Monday Start (Resources for the Week)


See “Freelance Writers Can Stay Productive Despite Feeling Antsy and Distracted.”  Also be sure to check out “Writers’ Favorite Punctuation Marks.”

In case you missed these

Be sure to read the post: “5 Suggestions for Making Better Decisions.”  Also, you might enjoy the post: “5 People I Need Around Me.

Reflections on ministry

This is a part of a very good series by John Frye.  See “From the Shepherd’s Nook.”  Hear John’s reflections on Eugene Peterson’s book The Contemplative Pastor.

Not sure why I like these kinds of posts

For some reason, I like to read posts like this one occasionally.  See “Five Best Budget Pens.”


See this fine piece by Harold Shank (President of Ohio Valley University) entitled “Primer on Inductive Preaching.”  Not only can Harold write about preaching but he can preach also.  Don’t miss his post “Three Pillars of Christian Education.

Monday Start

The following are links to posts that I found particularly interesting this week. Maybe you will see something that interests you. startnow8nor.png

Everything New

Check out this video by Jeff Cook that Scot McKnight posted. It is very good. I look forward to reading the book. You might enjoy his website.

On writing

Have you been reading Jeff Goins’ series: 15 habits of Great Writers? It is very well done. I especially enjoyed one recent post in this series entitled: “Great Writers Share Other’s Work.”

Also be sure to see this letter to a writer who is losing confidence.

Particularly for men

Have you seen Patrick Morley’s new book Man Alive? You might enjoy the website as well.

On ministry and identity

Some ministers are perceived by others to be important. Meanwhile other ministers feel self-conscious and believe they have little, if anything, to offer. I reflect on this kind of self-perception in this post which begins with this sentence: “When I first began preaching and serving as a “full-time minister,” I soon realized that some preachers were considered to be important people.”

Regarding e-books

Be sure to see Wade Hodges’ post “Thirteen Lessons I’ve Learned From the Ebook Business.”

I’ll take one of these offices!

The Libraries, Studies and Writing Rooms of 15 Famous Men.”

Monday Start

Hopefully one or more of these links will be helpful to you. I am so grateful that you come here each Monday.start_button_gif (1).gif

Glad to see this changing.

I was glad to read this post! I’ve been concerned about this characterization for quite some time. “No more dumb old dad: changing the bumbling father stereotype.”

Fathers and sons: Do I ever relate!

Be sure to read this piece from Canda’s Globe and Mail. Do I ever relate! I once put a huge dent in the door of my father’s driver’s side car door (on a car that was practically new) as I put the car in neutral and tried to push it out of the garage. Unfortunately, as I was pushing it out of the garage, the door I had failed to close adequately got jammed against the door facing of the garage. Not good.

The future.

I found this post interesting: “6 Tech Concepts Changing the World.” I find it helpful to occasionally read such posts so I can keep up with changing technology.


Check out this post from my friend Allan Stanglin’s blog regarding a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal regarding “sheep stealing.” Very interesting.

Tony Evans and his dad.

What a great post! Tony Evans talks about the transformation of his dad.

Reflecting on Pastoral Ministry.

Ron Edmondson has written a good post: “7 Ways I Want to Improve as a Pastor.” A good post with insights worth thinking about.

Monday Start

Inspiring storiesstart (1).png

Don’t miss this inspiring story. A small community and school rallies behind a homeless girl. Now she is on her way to Harvard! Also, make sure you see the video about the high school runner in Ohio who helps a member of the opposing team across the finish line.

An outstanding book

I just finished N.T. Wright’s Simply Jesus. It is thought provoking and well written. Perhaps most helpful is Wright’s attempt to tell the story of Jesus in light of the larger biblical story.

Does a person have to go to seminary?

Does a person have to go

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to seminary in order to be an effective minister? Not necessarily. However, Scot McKnight, in an excellent post, gives ten reasons why such study might be very, very helpful.

Now this is interesting

“10 Ways Airplane Travel Taught Me to be a More Productive Writer” by John Saddington.

Serious about growing?

Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the Ministry Inside series featuring habits that can be useful for any church leader who is serious about growing, learning and developing.

Preparing messages

You might enjoy these videos featuring Tim Keller talking about sermon preparation.

An interview with Walter Brueggemann (part 2)

Brueggemann reflects on “success through conformity,” the seduction of prestige, drawing the “prophet card,” and doubting our own work. This is an excellent interview!

Monday Start


Pete Scazzero (The Emotionally Healthy Church author) announces transition. Read about it here.


I love this powerful tweet by Mark Batterson (June 3, 2012) “if you are LOOKING FOR AN EXCUSE you will ALWAYS find one. quit making excuses and start making choices.”


Lee Camp interviews Walter Brueggemann as he reflects upon his life.


“Stop Looking for Excuses not to be Awesome” by Jeff Goins. A very good post!

Standing up!

Ernest Hemingway at his standing desk.


Evangelical leaders on Twitter (New York Times).

A must read

Five Secrets Pastors Refuse to Tell” by Thom Rainer.

Monday Start


I found this post by Mike Martel helpful: “Ten Ways to Make Your Writing Quick and Easy.” I am not sure if the suggestions necessarily make writing quick and easy. However, these are excellent suggestions for anyone who is challenged to be creative.

Regarding the Truth

Don’t miss this excellent article from the Wall Street Journal (appeared in the print edition on Saturday, May 26, 2012). Dan Ariely has written a thoughtful piece entitled “Why We Lie.”

Jesus Creed

You might enjoy reading “Before You Quit.” It appears on Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight’s blog. I wrote this after seeing my youngest daughter graduate with her Master’s degree which caused me to reflect on a time when I almost quit.


I just read Alyce McKenzie’s very fine book Novel Preaching. Each year, I read several books on preaching which help me in evaluating where I need to grow in my own preaching. McKenzie’s book offered some very good suggestions.

Commencement Speech

In his column on CNN online, William J. Bennett featured the commencement speech of former Navy Seal, Eric Greitens who spoke at Tufts University. The speech is featured in the column and is excellent. Greitens is a 38 year old Rhodes scholar and humanitarian worker. (Thanks Mark M. for calling my attention to this.)

Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

Are you a blogger or do you use any form of social networking?


Check out Michael Hyatt’s new book Platform. You might notice the freebies that you get if you purchase the book this week. I just finished the book. I wish I had read this book eight years ago when I began this blog! Very helpful.

Are you stuck in your thinking?

Margaret Marcuson has written a fine post: “Ten Ways Church Leaders Can Get More New Ideas.” Even reading through her list gave me a couple of good ideas.

I found this fascinating.

Check out this video with Ken Burns. Burns reflects on what it means to tell stories about history. Interesting.

A call to the church.

Karen Spears Zacharias has written an excellent post regarding child abuse and the opportunity for the church to make a difference. One of my daughters is a social worker in an abuse shelter. Through her I have become especially sensitive to this heartbreaking reality.

Good Theology, Good Ministry?

Skylar Thomas reflects on a new book entitled The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry by Andrew Root and Kendra Creasy Dean. Very interesting! (Appeared on Scot McKnight’s blog.)

Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

Do you have a dream?


This may be one of the best posts Jeff Goins has written: “When You’re Scared to Death, Do Something Anyway.” I really enjoy reading Jeff’s posts. You might enjoy this great interview with Jeff Goins.

Pictures of the day

You might enjoy these pictures from The Telegraph (UK). I especially like the first one.

Do you read fiction?

I confess. I read very little fiction. I am wondering if I should not be reading more. See this post from Scot McKnight.

What they are thinking

You might be interested in this chart from Scot McKnight’s blog entitled “What Young Adults Care About.”

Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

You May Be Thinking About Technology and Relationships.
start_button_gif (1).gif

This TED talk made me think. Professor Sherry Turkle speaks about why we seem to expect more from technology and less from each other.

You May Be Thinking About Ministry.

Gene Wilkes (a great guy!) has written an important post: “4 Things I Learned in 25 Years of Ministry.” Ministers really ought to read this post.

Rick McKinley interviews Eugene Peterson (video). “‘Pastor’ is not a job description; it really is a life that is shaped in a certain way.” Eugene Peterson really makes me think about ministry.

You May Be Thinking About Your Faith.

Lanny Davis (attorney and political commentator) has written a fine post. “What Chuck Colson taught me about using the word hate.‘”

Perhaps You Are Thinking About Your Life.

Kara Alexander has written a very thoughtful post about raising small children and the tendency to enroll them in numerous extracurricular activities.

Here are some very practical ideas for living a missional life. Josh Reeves has written: “25 Simple Ways to be Missional in Your Neighborhood.” Be sure to read his second post as well: “25 More Ways to Easily be Missional in Your Neighborhood.”

Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

Each Monday, I post a number of links to articles, posts, etc. I recently read. The ones cited are those which I think may interest you.

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Thinking About Ministry?

Here is a fine interview with Eugene Peterson on “The Reading and Writing Life of the Pastor.” Don’t miss this.

See this interview with Jimmy Dorrell of Mission Waco “How to Get Middle Class Congregations Involved with the Poor.”

Interview with Mike Cope – “Interview with Mike Cope and His Ministry at What Really Matters.”

Looking for a Good Blog Post?

Don’t miss Matthew Paul Turner’s post “25 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading.” I discovered a number of blogs here that are new to me.

From Copyblogger note this post: “58 Ways to Create Persuasive Content Your Audience Will Love.”

Looking for Something Interesting?

See this post from Mental Floss: “11 Early Scathing Reviews of Words Now Considered Masterpieces.”

Have you seen Thinkers50?

Josh Graves has written an article which was posted at Fox News Online. “Let’s Make Sunday a Day of Rest, For God’s Sake.”