Learn to Say What is Appropriate

question-markSo what is appropriate?

A man visits his friend in the hospital. His friend has just undergone heart surgery. The man begins telling his friend, who is barely out of recovery, about other friends of his who died within weeks after having the same surgery. Is this really appropriate?

A woman confides in her co-worker regarding her marital problems. The co-worker takes it upon herself to call her friend’s husband and tell him about that conversation. Is this appropriate?

A student is angry with one of her teachers over a failing grade. Late one evening, she drives to her teacher’s home, sees that all the lights are off and lets the air out of the tires of each vehicle in the driveway. Is that appropriate?

A guy in his early 30s is known as quite a flirt at work. (He is married with two small children.) One day he begins to tease one of his customers. He and the customer begin telling each other jokes that started out fairly mild but ended up being very raunchy. Is this appropriate?

A minister is preparing his message for Sunday. His congregation is located in a university community. This is the first Sunday of the semester, and many students and their parents will be in the assembly before the parents return home that afternoon. For some reason, this minister has decided that on this particular Sunday he will preach on the “Qualifications of Elders.” Really? Is this appropriate with so many guests present for the first time?

People who wish to speak and act in appropriate ways are willing to learn. After all, no one knows what is appropriate in every instance.